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Barish Products

Mineral pumice

Mineral pumice is a light grain of volcanic activity. The main advantage of mineral pumice compared to similar building materials such as sand is its very low specific weight and high degree of hardness, and the color of this mineral is white, gray with a tendency to white or yellow.


Perlite is a natural silica stone and it is made when the volcanic lava emitted from volcanoes cools quickly in a cooler atmosphere, because of this rapid cooling, water vapor is trapped inside the stone and the whole molten stone forms a structure.  It becomes like glass.   

Marble river stone

We have seen a lot of colored river stones or rubble in nature, but polished and uniform stones are not natural river stones in terms of size and color.  These decorative rubble stones from quality mines in the country are processed through a special process and are offered to domestic and foreign markets.  


Barish Trading Company has supplied food to factories and production units by importing this substance from the continent of Africa (South Africa) and also from Turkey due to the lack of manganese minerals

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International Marketing

International Marketing or in Latin International Marketing is the science of using marketing principles. International marketing is a business operation to deliver goods and services of one country to customers in other countries, in order to make a profit. International marketing also includes the production and sale of goods and services in more than one country.

The importance of international marketing

Today, no country lives in complete isolation from other countries. Economic resources, technology and the standard of living of the people of a country are relatively dependent on the economy of other countries, which are related by a complex flow of goods, services, capital and technology. Countries raise their production level and earn more profit through international exchanges

The main objectives of international marketing

International marketing aims to achieve all the goals and create connections between countries involved in global trade. It should be noted that creating businesses in countries has limitations and limited demands, but when marketing is done internationally, you have to consider every minute details and complexities in it.

Strategies for entering international markets

The main purpose of companies entering international markets is to create opportunities for profit. For this reason, a number of companies are motivated to research opportunities in that foreign market after receiving an uncertain order from abroad.

Border Market

The border bazaar is an enclosed area located at the zero point of the border, next to the customs authorized to carry out commercial formalities, or places that are determined according to the memorandums concluded between Iran and other neighboring countries, and the residents of both sides of the border can buy products and products. To present their country for trading in these markets by complying with the export and import regulations.

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